After more than a decade of experimentation Limoncello Naviglio arrives on the market thanks to the foresight of Dr. Stefano Faralli.  

The experiment was aimed at obtaining a lemon liqueur of superior quality that keeps unchanged all the healing properties of lemon zest. The quality of the finished product is guaranteed from raw materials: lemons come from uncontaminated areas and have received treatment controlled, ethyl alcohol is produced from natural sources and sugar is of high quality.

The production process is controlled in every detail to transfer unaltered the aromatic components and benefits of the lemon in the finished product. The Limoncello Naviglio is stored in dark glass bottles in an inert atmosphere to prevent its contact with the light which can induce oxidative transformations at the expense of the substances present in the liquor.

The classic limoncello can be prepared at home in a very simple way by following the traditional recipe that provides for the maceration of the yellow part of the lemon peel (flavedo) for more than two weeks in ethanol and mixing with a solution of water and sugar.

The Limoncello Naviglio is realized using exactly the same ingredients provided by the traditional recipe and applying a technology of solid-liquid extraction innovative that allows to produce a high quality product in a shorter time.

Bottle of 1L

The Naviglio Limoncello is produced by the company Dr. Stefano Faralli, Via Cadorna n. 11 - Milan - PI 06749480965